Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Martini ® Opens Up Italian Style Pre-Dinner Drinks

Forget cocktail hour, an inimitably Italian way of relaxing called  ‘aperitivo’ is how you’ll want to be spending time after-hours. Roughly translated, ‘aperitivo’ means “to open” or “opener” and refers to an alcoholic beverage meant as an appetiser before dinner. The Landmark a Cocktail bar by Café del Sol in Bryanston will introduce locals to this chic Italian style of socialising thanks to MARTINI ® ...

#MartiniAperitivo reflects how Italians enjoy the MARTINI® — It is savoured with light snacks such as bruschetta, focaccia, small pizzas and even cold meats and cheeses.

The #MartiniAperitivo Moment takes place every Wednesday between 4pm and 6pm and Sundays between 4pm and 8pm at The Landmark. Try pairing the below ‘aperitivo's with the below dishes:
  • MARTINI® on the rocks served with a mozzarella, oregano and fresh basil margarita
  • MARTINI® Negroni accompanied with Parma Ham and black truffle pizza while the
  • MARTINI® Sour will be paired with a delectable butternut, ricotta and black truffle pizza

You can contact The Landmark on (011) 463 5081 - see you there!

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