Friday, 18 September 2015

Food Friday: Silver Orange Bistro

Last Sunday, 13 September, we decided to go for a Picnic for our anniversary - we love food and we love the outdoors so picnics are usually a great place to experience both. Silver Orange Bistro, was the location - a beautiful, country style restaurant found in Hartbeespoort on a family owned citrus farm.

We arrived at around 11am and were taken down through the orange orchid to a beautifully set-up picnic blanket with pillows and wrap blankets (in case it got chilly).

The weather was perfect as it wasn't too hot and the wind had a refreshing crispness to it, so the blankets did come in handy. We opted for the Protea Sauvignon Blanc as our choice of wine. All the food was very nicely packaged in the picnic basket. The starter were very delicious and were accompanied by a loaf of fresh ciabatta and some hummus and olive tapenade (tzaziki was on the menu, but we didn't seem to receive that - but that was ok as there was more than enough food). Although the springbok carpaccio was a main, we decided to eat it as a starter.

Top Left: View from our Picnic Blanket
Top Right: Cheese Platter (Gorgonzola, Brie and Emmenthaler served with water biscuits)
Bottom Left: Silver Orange Duck & Fig samosas
Bottom RightSpringbok Carpaccio and Smoked Salmon

The best part about a picnic is that after the starters, we were able to lie back and have a quick snooze before starting on the mains. The salad in a jar was a very clever packaging trick (we will definitely do this next time we go for our own picnic).  We got ribs (although they weren't on our menu) - I was personally really looking forward to the Biltong, Butternut & Feta tartlets that was on the menu, but we didn't get those either (will have to try them out next time we visit).

Top Left: Chicken Drumsticks and Ribs
Top Right: Salad in a jar
Bottom Left: Belgian chocolate spring roll with fresh strawberries
Bottom Right: Fresh fruit salad
We ended off our experience with the Belgian Chocolate Spring Rolls and a refreshing fruit salad. Personally, I would find a better dessert alternative as we ate our dessert around 2pm and the pastry became very hard and tough to chew through - maybe something to consider, but the taste of the chocolate was really great!

We left around 3pm - it was a really fun day out and extremely relaxing - pity about some of the items missing from their menu, but I think we will still be back for a second time nonetheless.

For more info on the Silver Orange Bistro Picninc Option, click here

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